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We have been hearing from our parents probably grand parents in India, that it is not possible to dream money growing in trees but what if the actual world population starts saying money still grows in plants. Ridiculous!! Isn’t it. When I started to know about these plants right from my childhood my mother used to say a money plant is a must in every possible house and that’s what my topic for the post will be….

Ours family used to stay in a small flat and the suns rays fall directly to our room, keeping a plant may be a genius to add a décor to the rooms but when you have a sunlight that heats up your room instantly do you think there is a way to keep a décor just by killing a plant. I wouldn’t think that harsh way of treat for the plants. Anyway, by looking at some of my friends house filled with luscious plants my heart just throbbed to get one of those and by this influence I brought a small creeper, poured little water and waited to grow. Instead of growing healthily my plant was dying asking me to help in placing at the right position. I was helpless, eventually it died. I did not know I had to pay its price for dead occurred to such a lovely plant. What went wrong was I really was harsh in forcing it to die. Well no! I was mistaken with some of the tips my friends gave it to. Later when I started to work I took my edge of courage in making it grow all over again, for this time my plants were healthy and they were growing with broad leave and new leaves were taking its birth. Here are these if you are a lover of green leaves you can get a help from these tips furnished below:

  1. Money plant can be found in most part of the places, especially in those areas where you might not think that the creepers crawling around the could actually be a money plant.  If you do not find anywhere else try to visit a garden house or a plant shop. But if you find this plant in your friends house pluck one of the stem creepers that has whole complete leaves in it.
  2. Keeping a whole plant filled with soil could be fantastic to grow but what if you not want to make your place dirty or you do not have a place at all. Then you could probably find a beautiful bottle filled with fresh water. Also, look in to it that the water is kept separate for at least 15 to 1 hour to settle chlorine or any other chemical that can harm the leaves.
  3. You can even add some stones or pebbles to make more decorative feeling of Zen spirit.
  4. As there is not soil or mud filled inside, watch the plants thoroughly for one week. If the leaves turn yellow that means the temperature is very hot where the plant is been placed or there could also be a possibility of having insects crawling on them. Suppose if you find the plant not improving its better to grow it where there is soil or you discard it away. But this rarely happens. I Still remember I had placed my plant in the corner of the dining hall that was too hot no one could be eating in that place especially during afternoon and night. Well, how would my plant survive if I could not even bear to it. So I decided to find a cool place for it.
  5. Having a yellow or dull colored money plant is not at all good even for people breathing around it . I remember that time when my plant was getting very dull and yellow. We had lot of unnecessary fights, expenses went high, and many health issues like fever, cold allergies was faced in so on and you do not want this to happen in your home. Whether you believe it or not this actually happened to us.
  6. Change the water once in a week you don’t want the mosquitoes or worms to be a part of its nest.
  7. If the laves are getting from green to yellow pluck those leaves and throw it away. There will be other leaves which will take its growth.
  8. If you feel lazy in cleaning the leaves, no worry at all. Take the plant keep it in the shower or you dip it in bucket filled with water. Let the water be cold as the leaves will turn fresh.
  9. While you fill the water do not pour boiled and cool water. Instead use tap water.
  10. Keeping a little light music around the room will make them feel fresh and healthy. This is scientifically proved that it can grow healthy.

Please put your comment for this article and if have any doubts do not hesitate to drop in to it.


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My Wallet

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I was hurrying on the streets today hoping to get in to one of the ATM center’s and as I found one I was so thankful and eager to get some money from my account. I opened my bag and it was there my wallet filled with nothing except my civil id, my insurance card and daily stuff that some times can come handy. As the queue line was long I was waiting patiently for my turn. Hearing the music and the vehicles moving on the streets that I didn’t know how the time passed by. My turn had come, as I was hurrying to get my card I found it so difficult to grab , as it was filled with all my past ATM bills  and other papers the people behind me where waiting impatiently suffering in the scorching heat that one person commented me to be aside if I was not ready to take my card for money. So what will you do at that situation either you get nervous or you shout at him back. My paper were found all around in my bag and I could sense the feeling of the people saying how unmanageable and filthy am I. That’s the time I thought how many people may be suffering the same way I am been humiliated. I walked back home with a shame of embarrassment that was shown on my face. Of course I had taken the money I needed from my account. I went to a coffee shop and while I was having a sip of cold latte I saw a customer getting his order for the next menu of donuts found. While he was ordering I could see his wallet neatly placed with money and cards that looked so elegant you can keep it for a display for anyone to look at it. But was it too long that he caught my eye and instantly asked me why I was staring him. I told him not to get me wrong as I was fascinated how he kept his wallet so precise and clean. He smiled at me and I felt as though thousand of answers where right on his nose . i was nervous in a way I told him but when he grabbed his coffee and sat next to me he explained about his wallet rules of maintaining it and ever since then my wallet has been very handy to me. Now these are the tips that I got from him.

  1. choose Your Wallet: In the market today you can find different kinds of wallet whether it leather or cloth but what  kind of wallet suits me is always a question to be known for an answer. If you are going with a leather wallet see that the leather smells like a animal odor because most of the leather found are made of rexin. Never try to use a smooth leather wallet as you tend to get folds and scratches when you keep it in you back pocket or anywhere in the bag. If you have one to five compartments its good but more than that can tear the stiches as you keep some money in it or any thing else. Try to buy a wallet exact in fitting the size of your paper money as you would not like to give paper money in folds. When I once gave it from my wallet the person receiving it was laughing as though I was a clown with a paper towel. If your wallet comes with a clip then that’s a secured one. If you have a long zip on the top of the wallet then check the zip whether they are easy to unzip it or not. Many a times most of tend to forget it and some shrewd shoppers check it thoroughly. The wallet should consist of place to keep a photo or a stamp, card folder and if you have a coin pouched attached to it you have got the right one because as a common man we all use change in most of our buying.
  2. The wallet chooses you: Its silly isn’t it and I too felt it when he told me. When I did I was amazed!! Once you buy a wallet keep some money inside it. In one week if you spend less money or you haven’t spent at all that means that is a right wallet to you. May be it looks superstitious. But imagine you are having a wallet a dashing one but as you put the money inside it one or the other expenses come unnecessary. Imagine the time you kept a little money for using it on your daily budget but all of a sudden you found a beautiful dress or a good sandwich to eat and all your money goes in to it. The time you know that your money is spent that’s when you are in next station of ATM center. Keeping a Chinese lucky coin is believed to bring luck in safeguarding and increasing your money especially the coins twined with red ribbon.  Try it for yourself and see it.
  3. Clean Your Wallet: For many this is a lazy part. For some time you feel you are on the track of cleaning it but when you are in a busy schedule do you think there is a time for this silly thing that makes a lot of complication to do? Now let me tell what is the best you can do. First, when you go to a ATM center try o take picture from you mobile of the receipt. Second, tear the receipt in small pieces and throw them in a garbage. Third one once you reach home try to open a excel or a piece of paper and you record it. Well it is better you write in on paper as helps you to look it when ever you out for monetary expense. If it is in an excel sheet make columns naming SL NO/ DATE/ATM CENTRE/AMOUNT OF MONEY you have taken this will help you to track better. Third, Avoid any kind of chits filled with phone numbers or any other as you can save all this in mobile or computer.
  4. Make your Wallet Simple: When you think what to include in your wallet remember the manufacture only thinks on his/her point of view. So what should be there, here are some tips o checklist: First, Limited amount of paper money as the rest you can it at home, Second, Coins (may 10 pcs of it), Third, your credit card, Fourth, ATM Card, Fifth, a stamp size photo, Sixth, Medical insurance Card, Seventh, your identity card, Eight, if you are a believer in God maybe one if it, Ninth, A condom as you will never know what may Trig you in but this is optional.

I hope these simple tips I told you can help many people to have clean feeling about their wallet and also helps them to understand on how you can be on your track when you go out. I am practicing it by the help of my friend that I met in a coffee shop and even today I feel my mind free from confusion and having to know what I am using from my wallet. Do write your comments about it. Thank you…..


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